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Customized Programming

We develop personalized platforms with the integration of multiple services, such as billing systems, web services, and other online systems.


Customized Programming
Customized Development


Customized Development

No matter what you need – a website, a platform, the integration of a billing system, payment channels, among others -, the Flybizz Agency offers you customized solutions characterized by safety and performance.


Client management

Your e-mail list isn’t long enough, isn’t segmented or you have a lot of contacts who aren’t updated?

Your company has a client database and can’t distinguish between the ones you already contacted and the ones you haven’t done so in a while?

You don’t know which clients are no longer doing business with you for over 6 months and want to make a follow-up and get back working with them?
Client management


A client manager to expedite your business

According to your needs and your company’s goals, and always respecting the current legislation about data privacy, the Flybizz Agency offers its clients solutions to:


Creation/update of databases.


Growth of the database with qualified leads.


Organization by profiles of client or potencial client.


In practice, what projects do we develop?

Customer Manager (CRM)
Business management (ERP)
Creating custom websites
Content Manager (CMS)
E-commerce - Online stores
And much more...

Customer Manager (CRM)

What if you could have a database of customers and potential customers, updated and segmented, that allows you to treat recipients by name, adapt content to their profiles and optimize your company's performance? If your customers are vegetarians, don't try to sell them meat. CRM helps you to get to know them and to accompany them throughout the business process.

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Advantages and benefits

Imagine you have a group of vegetarian clients, is it worth trying to sell them meat?

An updated and segmented database of clients and potential clients allows the companies to treat their clients by their names, to adapt their contents to those profiles and to test, evaluate and optimize their performance in the different segments.

+ Productivity

More productivity and less waste of time on the execution of tasks

+ Interest

A higher rate of opened e-mails

+ Content

More relevant content

+ Trust

Your clients will trust more in your company

+ Customization

Exclusive offers for unique addresses (promotions, birthdays)

+ Reputation

Preservation and promotion of your company’s reputation

+ Client loyalty

Inducements to client loyalty

+ Sales

Increase in sales and profits

+ Conversion

Higher conversion rates and more purchases


Because we fly higher
We have been working for over 14 years. Our solutions to develop websites are exclusive, safe, always up-to-date and according to the SEO optimization patterns.
We hold a client assistance center to support all our clients. We are available via e-mail or telephone.
Nowadays, time is the most important variable for businesses. At the Flybizz Agency, we care about this reality daily, so our solutions are prepared to be developed as quickly as possible.
Along with the variable of time, we guarantee that our final product is 100% suitable to our client.

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Solutions from 49,90€/month

Discover all the solutions we have available to the most diverse realities, no matter what your business is about. Our monthly subscription model allows you to invest whatever you want, according to what you need.
Solutions from 49,90€/month

Ask for a budget!

How can we help you? The Flybizz Agency places a team ready to simplify every question you may have. Contact us for more information! We’ll reach out as soon as possible.

80% of the small and medium companies consider e-mail marketing the main tool of client retention.
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What our clients say

Building relationships based on trust, transparency and honesty through our services is the key to our success. Our clients are our biggest and most valuable good and they are the reason why we want to keep growing.


We are very publicized with the final result of our website. Our intention was to completely renovate the existing website, making it more appealing and modern. And we were able to make this change with the help of Flybizz. We also express our satisfaction and satisfaction in relation to our employee João Maximiano, who is always available to help us with any questions that have arisen. Thanks once again for the work of the entire team!

Rodolfo Amado da Silva - Movimento Ajude a Limpar a Praia
Rodolfo Amado da Silva - Movimento Ajude a Limpar a Praia

Exemplary team! Thank you very much my friend João!

João Neto - MVN
João Neto - MVN

Just like we had the opportunity to communicate to João Rosa and Sónia by phone, we inform that yesterday, June 15th, was the first day that we reached our expectations in terms of contacts, as well as effective appointments. We are sure that together we will achieve our common goals. Many thanks to the entire Flybizz team and a sincere hug from the MVN team.

César Blazer - Coverpool International
César Blazer - Coverpool International

Until now, all the projects developed by Flybizz to our brand, Coverpool, have been excellent. Not only when it comes to the final product, but also the support they gave us during elaboration, changes on the concept, deadlines, imediate availability to answer our questions, everything has been perfect! Keep up with the good work!

Wilson Cesário - Movement
Wilson Cesário - Movement

Flybizz is a company with excellent professionals, very dedicate and worried about giving the best to their clients.

Pedro Castelo Branco - GolfTatto
Pedro Castelo Branco - GolfTatto

Working with Flybizz equals working on the progress and a conquer of new market placements. A partner who combines technological Development with innovation, which allows us to overcome the expectations of our clients.

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