The Flybizz Agency was born from a dream: the dream of being able to contribute to the constant growth and elevation of all of the companies around the world. We challenge our clients to start this journey with us and to let themselves fly as high as we do.


We were born in 2006 and since then we’ve been supporting national and international companies. The Flybizz Agency works with three big areas: Digital Marketing, Design and Development. Behind us, there is a team qualified in Management, Web Development, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, SEO, Social Media, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads. As a complement of all these services, we also work with Publicity and Marketing Consultancy as an Outsourcing service.


By offering such a complete package, the Flybizz Agency flies higher every day and is committed to develop, plan and implement marketing plans, so that our client’s businesses become more competitive and viable.


And because beyond a big company, there’s always a big team, here at the Flybizz Agency we look to every project as a new journey through the world of digital marketing. This characteristic is the reason why we can count on people capable of dealing and overcoming demanding challenges.


Because a successful agency can only be built with successful people.

João Mateus

- Comercial


- Google Ads

João Mateus CEO Founder
Kalmir Contaiffer

- UX & UI




Kalmir Contaiffer FullStack Developer
Inês Piedade

- UX & UI


- PHP Developer

- NODE JS Developer

Inês Piedade FullStack Developer
Sónia Leal

- Commercial

- Helpdesk

Sónia Leal Administrative Assistant
Inês Queiroz

- Digital Marketing

- Social Media

- Content Marketing

Inês Queiroz Social Media Manager
Flávio Narciso

- Graphic Designer

- Design UI & UX

- Branding

Flávio Narciso Designer
João Maximiano

- PHP Developer



- Wordpress

João Maximiano Fullstack Developer
Sara Rosa

- Front-end Developer

- UX & UI



Sara Rosa Front-end Developer


Generated TB traffic/year
€ invested on Google Ads
years of building solutions
developed projects


Because we fly higher
We have been working for over 14 years. Our solutions to develop websites are exclusive, safe, always up-to-date and according to the SEO optimization patterns.
We hold a client assistance center to support all our clients. We are available via e-mail or telephone.
Along with the variable of time, we guarantee that our final product is 100% suitable to our client.
Nowadays, time is the most important variable for businesses. At the Flybizz Agency, we care about this reality daily, so our solutions are prepared to be developed as quickly as possible.

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What our clients say

Building relationships based on trust, transparency and honesty through our services is the key to our success. Our clients are our biggest and most valuable good and they are the reason why we want to keep growing.

João Neto - MVN
João Neto - MVN

Just like we had the opportunity to communicate to João Rosa and Sónia by phone, we inform that yesterday, June 15th, was the first day that we reached our expectations in terms of contacts, as well as effective appointments. We are sure that together we will achieve our common goals. Many thanks to the entire Flybizz team and a sincere hug from the MVN team.

César Blazer - Coverpool International
César Blazer - Coverpool International

Until now, all the projects developed by Flybizz to our brand, Coverpool, have been excellent. Not only when it comes to the final product, but also the support they gave us during elaboration, changes on the concept, deadlines, imediate availability to answer our questions, everything has been perfect! Keep up with the good work!

Wilson Cesário - Movement
Wilson Cesário - Movement

Flybizz is a company with excellent professionals, very dedicate and worried about giving the best to their clients.

Pedro Castelo Branco - GolfTatto
Pedro Castelo Branco - GolfTatto

Working with Flybizz equals working on the progress and a conquer of new market placements. A partner who combines technological Development with innovation, which allows us to overcome the expectations of our clients.

Lília Vieira - MakeUps Place
Lília Vieira - MakeUps Place

A company with a very good taste and a lot of professionalism. They always manage to meet their client’s needs and tastes. Two words to define you: quality and sympathy.

Enduro tours Portugal
Enduro tours Portugal

Professionalism and sympathy from João, who’s responsible for the team. The fast and exceptional growth of a company that started taking its first steps, I recommend it!