Pinterest Marketing for business
15 Abr 2020

When we talk about social media, most people automatically think about Facebook and Instagram, maybe followed by Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube. Well, we have news for our readers: there is a whole world of online social media with its doors open to all their businesses and which may be the golden key of their digital marketing strategies.


One of them is Pinterest. Even though most of us have, at least, heard this name, or even browse through this network a couple of times, when it comes to national companies, only a few have dared to incorporate it as a part of their strategy. However, it’s important to realize that Pinterest is not only a social network but also a visual search engine, which turns it into the perfect place to find out about new products and buy those. But, in the first place, we need to understand the purpose of it and how we can use it.


What is Pinterest and how does it work?


As we mentioned, Pinterest is a visual search engine, that despite being recognized for decoration and recipe searches in the beginning, today, it has a lot more to offer. The keywords in this social network is “inspiration”. People go to Pinterest to find Pins – images, graphics, links and any type of content – that inspires them, which makes it an extremely powerful network for businesses whose strategy is based on visual looks.


We’ve published an article before where we talked about visual search – what is it, how does it work and why you need this type of search -, and all the advice we’ve given you then can be transposed to Pinterest Marketing, since it’s all about this type of search. However, it’s important to keep in mind that a personal Pinterest profile and a professional Pinterest profile are quite distinct, meaning that the second one allows us to explore the maximum potential of all marketing tools.


Pinterest Marketing for business


If you’ve made the decision to incorporate Pinterest in your digital marketing strategy, then the first step to take is to create a Pinterest for business profile. And why can’t you keep using your personal account? First, a professional account offers educational marketing materials, like interactive workshops or webinars specifically to small companies, which will help you be closer to your target.


In the second place, you’ll have access to Pinterest Analytics, which gives you statistics and other relevant information about your profile – which content brings you better results, what do you need to change or improve, etc. Through a professional account, you’ll also have access to a different type of Pins: the Rich Pins. The Rich Pins allow you to add more information than a regular Pin, such as the real-time price, direct links to your website or even the stock of a product. To finish, Pinterest is constantly evolving, which means that, in the future, professional accounts will have even a bigger number of features.


Why Pinterest Marketing for businesses?


If you’re still not convinced you should invest your marketing efforts on Pinterest, then we have a group of statistics to reinforce that this network can be a company’s best friend whose strategy circles around visual content.


  1. Pinterest registers 200 million monthly users.

  2. 90% of weekly PinnersPinterest users – use this platform to make purchasing decisions.

  3. 60% of Pinners collect ideas about which products to buy from Pinterest, compared to the 35% who look for those ideas on other social platforms.

  4. 78% of Pinners admit it’s useful to find content from brands on Pinterest.

  5. 66% of Pinners buy something from a brand after they’ve seen their Pins.

  6. Pinterest generates 33% more traffic to websites than Facebook, 71% more than Snapchat and 200% more than Twitter.

  7. 41% of people who buy products on physical stores use Pinterest during that process.

  8. 59% of people use Pinterest to search for more information about a purchase they’ve made.


Tips&Tricks of Pinterest Marketing for businesses


We’ve gathered the best tips and tactics to help your company take its first steps in the world of Pinterest.


1. Appealing content ALWAYS


It seems we’re constantly repeating the same thing, but the truth is: this is the golden rule when it comes to the digital world, no matter the platform. The visual part of a Pin will always be the most important, which leads brands into placing their efforts on high-quality photos or attractive infographics. Yet, don’t forget about the text! We should work every part of a Pin. Therefore, a good Pin will have:

  • Vertical images: besides having the best quality, images should be captured on a 2:3 proportion, since this is the size that best fits mobile devices;

  • Descriptive text: tell people what they’re seeing, creating a desire to see more;

  • Text on image: a good title, short and straight to the point, incorporated in the image, might catch the eye of the audience easily;

  • Show off your brand: don’t forget to include your logo, so that your brand doesn’t get lost in the middle of so many Pins;

  • Great Storytelling: lead people into imagining themselves as consumers of your brand. This is something we can achieve by telling catching and good quality stories.


2. Consistency


Keeping your brand’s communication consistent means publishing content regularly (ideally, once a week), instead of creating an album and fill it with tons of Pins all at the same time. In this way, you’ll gradually increase your brand’s recognition among Pinners, reaching a higher number of people. This platform offers the possibility to schedule Pins, something that might help to put this tip into practice if you have other social networks to manage. Know your audience and understand when they’re online, as well as what they do during that time on Pinterest.


3. Seasonal Marketing


National and International holidays and celebrations might become great sales opportunities for your company, which requires that you can always be one step ahead of those. Pinners always like to be prepared and to plan in advance, so prepare your marketing actions and put them into practice on the exact moment they start searching for your products, The platform itself helps you find seasonal content for all the celebrations, which can help you develop your own content according to the ones that best fit your brand. Don’t forget about the keywords!


4. Interactive albums

A direct “buy my products” approach may not always be the best strategy. Create albums with tips, ideas, photos of consumers using your products and show Pinners why they should trust your brand, too.


5. Pinterest SEO


With Pinterest being a visual search engine that means that, like every other search engines, a Pinterest strategy also needs and strong keywords reinforcement, since these help people find what they’re looking for. Use and abuse of keywords in the names of your Pins, albums, descriptions and, basically, in everything that involves text. Additionally, improving your Pinterest SEO also means adding a link of your website to your Pins.


6. Pinterest Ads


Like in every other social network, there is always the possibility to invest in paid advertising. On Pinterest, we can create ads directed to our target according to the keywords they search for, their interests, location, age and other demographic indicators. Pinterest Analytics itself tells you who visited your website, who interacted with your Pins or with similar content.


Have we made you curious? Start getting your hands dirty and develop your Pinterest Marketing strategy with Flybizz today!




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