Flybizz’s 5 digital marketing tips for 2020
02 Jan 2020

In the world of digital marketing, the year 2020 is on its way to being the perfectly balance between technology and humanization. Even though these two characteristics look contradictory, it is the combination of both of them that is going to allow the companies to meet exactly what the consumers are looking for and, therefore, to win their trust.


And because on this season, we’re constantly bombed with news about the new digital marketing trends, the Flybizz Agency went further and decided to bring you something that’s going to become much more useful: Flybizz’s digital marketing tips that are going to give you the best results in 2020.


1. Invest on artificial intelligence that can help you engage with your audience

Gestão de clientes

What you’re probably thinking is “that’s expensive”. When we talk about investing in artificial intelligence we’re not suggesting you buy a real talking robot to do everything in your company. What we really mean is that you put your effort into other simple options that can not only make your work easier but can also facilitate the consumer’s experience with your brand.


For example, you can invest in a client management software (CRM software), allowing you to gather all the information about your clients in a single database, that is often updated, segmented and powered. In practice, this system will optimize your resources, give you more control and, mainly, save you time – time that you can invest in your clients.


Due to all these advantages, the CRM is expected to evolve this year, bringing more relevance to conversationally marketing – that is, real-time communication with our targeted audience. Whether you do it through e-mail or social media, what’s important is that you’re constantly involved with your followers, since this will not only make them feel like they’re being heard but also expedite a possible purchase.


We made you curious, but you don’t know where to look for more information about this software? The Flybizz Agency also did that for you (see more here).


2. Create a community nearby your consumers

Gestão de redes sociais


Keeping this last tip in mind, according to Marketeer, the trend to create virtual spaces of dialogue between brand-audience it’s expected to keep coming off strong in 2020, with new adjustments, especially thanks to social media. Consumers demand more customized and emotional relationships with brands, so your company’s presence on these media is vital since this is where you’ll build those relationships based on trust.


We suggest you invest in private chats – like Whatsapp -, since they’ve been acting like an new version of e-mail and they now belong to everyone’s daily routine. These virtual spaces are extremely advantageous because, day by day, they keep connecting more and more with each other, which allows the omnichannel marketing to strikeout.


However, is it crucial to keep in mind that the consumers also value brands who keep in touch offline, which strengthens the fact that your company needs to be everywhere, every day and every hour.


3. Take a chance on visual and voice searches

Pesquisa por voz

If you want to see your business grow this year, you need to include the visual search on your website. This type of research allows consumers to take a screenshot of a product they found on the internet and, later, to look for it on the catalogs of online shops. That shop only needs to have a visual search engine, in which the person loads its image and, with only one click, it’s done.


Pinterest already has the Pinterest Lens tool, which has helped e-commerce companies to increase their profits. But keep in mind that it’s not enough to have this functionality if you want things to improve; you must keep your catalogs organized and updated, as well as optimizing your SEO for images (and if you’re having trouble on this last task, the Flybizz Agency can help you).


Even though this trend is expected to grow in 2020, we suggest you complement it with another type of search that has been conquering digital marketing: voice search. It’s not new that, day by day, people try to simplify as much as they can the process of searching for information, opting for solutions that can save their time. This is the main reason why voice searches will continue to be a trend this year, however, this trend also goes way beyond this, since consumers have also been giving priority to sonorous content.


The simple integration of a “play” button on your website – allowing your audience to listen to your content, instead of reading – or the creation of a podcast related to relevant themes for your business area can help you amplify your organic brand awareness. Therefore, the optimization of this type of search will allow you to be part of what we call “micro-moments” in the lives of your potential clients – that is, the fraction of seconds in which they search for information instantly and no matter where they are, which will make the look to your brand as the one that serves best their necessities. So, don’t forget to include not only both of these types of search but also to produce content that can anticipate those moments.


4. Understand your audience’s feelings


With the help of artificial intelligence – specifically through Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques and machine learning – it is now possible to analyze the feelings stirred up in your audience by your content. These systems assign punctuations of feelings to the comments wrote by consumers on your posts, which allows classifying those as positive, negative or neutral.


This articulation between technology and feelings will help you to constantly optimize your content, since you’ll find out what catches the eye of your audience. So we also suggest you power up your Linkedin page because even though these social media is directed to more formal relationships, this is where the companies show their “other side” and where they develop a communication line based on humanization, allowing to keep their audience close. Tell stories, be transparent about your work environment and you’ll see your brand awareness increase substantially.


5. Value the consumer’s privacy and be transparent

Ecommerce seguro

The last big tip that the Flybizz Agency can give you – and, with no doubt, one of the most important – is that you make the consumer’s privacy your priority. With all the new regulations about data protection, it becomes crucial that brands pay special attention to how they deal with information and if they’re jeopardizing people’s security.


To finish we think it’s important to highlight the fact that you should not only be transparent about your work environment but basically about everything that happens in your company. If you produce honest content, you’re not only avoiding legal problems, but you’ll also catch your audience and create relationships based on trust. Yell to the world your purpose and what you stand up for, pay attention to your consumers and be sincere, don’t focus your message in you, but in the people that follow you. A transparent company equals a reliable company.




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