Custom web development at the Flybizz Agency
04 Mar 2020

“Why choose custom web development?” is the question we want to answer this week. This is not just an article that shows how cool we are for offering 360º solutions. What we want is for you to become speechless when you realize how much this choice can ease your daily life.


First of all: what is custom web development?


Custom web development consists in the development of every kind of system that is 100% customized and that can be adapted to each business/company/client needs. No matter the requirement, as specific as it might be, in the world of web development there’s always a solution for it.


This means we can develop thousands of systems, of every kind, to the thousands of needs that businesses/companies/clients may have. For those who could use a customized platform but there hasn’t been a chance to invest on it, we’re going to approach some of the examples that the Flybizz Agency develops.





Have you ever imagined that you could have a personal client manager, designed to specifically satisfy the needs of your business? If you’ve been wandering around infinite, disorganized and outdated data bases, then this is the solution you’re looking for.


Living in the middle of a disorganized business affects you, your employees but, essentially, your clients. This is the side of the equation that most suffers when we are not doing a good job, and it all happens because of certain things that could have been avoided. This is where Costumer Relationship Management (CRM) systems come in. These can help you manage your list of clients automatically, by doing these specific tasks: classify them according to their area, profile, products of interest, etc.; create tasks, receive notifications and make sure you attend all your commitments with your clients; list events and let you know the last state of play of each one of them. But the biggest advantage of this system is that it can get you a connected team, who works with harmony, with this being the secret of having satisfied clients.




The ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning sytem manages a company’s daily life, from accounting, to project and risk management, among others. Basically, this system helps us connect all the different departments, allowing the information to flow between all of them and making sure that all employees are working “on the same page”.


Among the enormous list of adavantages that an ERP system can bring you, we highlight that you’ll be able to reduce operating costs, increase partnership and efficiency (specially by receiving real-time updates) and promote the consistency between all the different faces of your business.



Mobile and desktop apps


It is common that we look for something for so long and we never find what we want, leading us into thinking that “maybe it doesn’t exist”.  Sometimes, that’s exactly it. A company might need a system with a specific organization and specific functions, that can adapt to it and its teams, but won’t fit other companies. This is where desktop apps come in as a possible solution.


But have you ever imagined how many problems you could solve in real time if you weren’t only dependent of desktop systems? Keeping in mind all the processes that happen inside a company, all at the same time, placing your bets on a mobile app fully customized by you could probably simplify all those processes with just one click.




Predefined packages of website subscriptions are excelent for people with a low budget, or looking for something easy and simple. But if you already designed an idea in your head, completely new and planned to suit your company/business, then you’ll definitely need a custom website.


By choosing this option, you won’t be limited to a maximum number of pages or even languages, there’s the possibility to create a completely customized design and you can even have a place where your clients can ask for budgets and make reservations online.


  • CMS

The CMS – Content Management System is a software through which we can create and edit a website, not only its texts and images, but also the design, as well as collecting the sessions of every user and their comments, create forums and blogs, among other possibilities.





The fact that these systems are designed to suit each client allows them to integrate a giant number of online services. One of these services might be na automated invoicing system, that is, a system that solves all your bureaucratic questions related to papers and invoices, allowing you to dedicate more time to your team and your clients. E-commerce companies are a great example of the kind of business who usually needs this type of software.


The Flybizz Agency has a partnership with Moloni, a commercial management software that, besides controlling all the invoicing, also manages open accounts, stocks, orders and retainers. Just like all the other custom systems, Moloni’s main function is to automate the processes inside the companies, giving employees the opportunity to be more quick and efficient.


The number of projects we can develop through custom web development is almost infinite. What matters is that, regardless of what you want/need – even if it’s something that doesn’t already exist -, there is always a solution waiting for you.




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