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17 Abr 2018

Many entrepreneurs believe that doing “good marketing” takes a lot of effort and money. In this article we will show you that some simple actions can make all the difference in your business.

The important thing is to understand how your market works and develop a strategic marketing thinking for small businesses.

These 9 strategies are simple and effective for small and micro businesses.


  1. Brand and visual identity

“Your brand is your face”, so if you do not already own one, hire a professional to create your brand. Hiring a design professional can be a great differential.

The visual identity must be very well developed, including colors, which can influence consumers.

From the definition of your brand should apply on materials such as business cards, brochures, websites, social networks among others.

It’s an efficient way to identify your business in the different media types you use. The costs of this service vary a lot, but it is a worthwhile investment!

2. Flyers, stationary, among others…

Initially you need to create layouts and texts. So, separate the differentials of your business and your product: use sales pitches and illustrative images so customers understand your business better.

Some companies make a common mistake: they forget to include branding and contact information! With us you do not have to worry about these problems.

For printing you can use the graphics of your city but we advise you to ask us for a quote because we work with the best graphics with the most competitive prices of the market.


3. Websites and Online Stores

Ever thought that your customers might search for your product on Google and find nothing?

Well, this is a common mistake: not having digital presence. To correct this it is important to build a website or online store and optimize them (SEO).


4. Social networks

Being present on social networks is mandatory! Many companies have used Facebook Instagram and LinkedIn as their business strategy.

The important thing is to identify in which social network your audience is, create a profile and keep it up to date. We can create your page / profile, draw up an update plan and a strategy that works for your target audience.


  1. 5. E-mail marketing

    Already have a customer database?

    If you have a list of people who have authorized you to receive your emails, use it! It’s a great direct channel to advertise your business, do promotions, research, and relationships.

    The tip is: a professional layout with relevant information for your customers.

    Do not waste more time and contact us to make the budget for you.

    6. Relationship

    One of the biggest secrets of marketing is knowing how to listen to the customer and maintaining a healthy relationship with them.

    It is necessary to have a strategy to evaluate satisfaction, establish contact and promote loyalty. Your customers’ opinions are great not only for your business to grow but to serve as a reference for other potential consumers.

    7. Promotions

    Using sales promotion strategies like sweepstakes, discounts, gift giving, etc … are ways to move sales and attract more customers.

    These actions should be created in an innovative and creative way to catch the attention of new customers. But, especially in the social networks, it is important to take into consideration some norms that must be informed with professionals of the area.

8. Partnerships

A good idea is to try to close partnerships with other companies, especially if they have a relationship with your business.

For example: a tennis shop can advertise its services with a gym; an ophthalmological clinic; a school, etc …

Of course, this partnership must have a relationship where both win and have concrete benefits.

External Events
If you own a bike shop, what about promoting a cycling tour? Ever wondered how a music school can promote a band contest?

These are initiatives that can bring good publicity to your brand and even sales of your products / services.

These are just some of the tips we decided to share, but we have many others ready to apply to businesses like yours. Contact us to help with your company’s marketing.





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