5 design podcasts you must listen to
20 Mar 2020

COVID-19 arrived to shake our planet and to tell us all to go home. As much as we were all in the mood for a few weeks of holidays, being in social isolation looks nothing like being on holidays, and we’re all starting to run out of options of things to do.

As so, the Flybizz Agency created a list of the 5 design podcasts that everyone should listen to. Even though these podcasts look strictly directed to designers, creatives, illustrators and entrepreneurs, anyone interested in one of these areas will certainly keep her/his ears wide open for the suggestions we have for you below.

1.    The Futur with Chris Do 



Chris Do, CEO & Designer of the american design agency The Futur invites inspirational people for a talk, or a class, about design, technology, marketing or management. Chris has two main goals to accomplish with this podcast: teach people how to become better designers, as well as teach them how to develop their personal business ideas and knowing how to sell those.

What makes The Futur stand out from all the other design podcasts is the fact that, usually, we’ve never heard about his guests, which moves away the possibility of this being a predictable podcast. Each dialogue becomes a source of inspiration for the listeners, with this being a podcast suitable not only to designers, but to anyone who wishes to power their entrepreneur side.

Release date: 7th september of 2016

Country: United States

Frequency: weekly (usually)

Nº of episodes until now: 75

Final score from our designer Flávio: 5/5

2. Design Matters



The first design podcast ever created in the world. Design Matters was born due to the hard work of the writer, designer, educator, artist and brand consultant Debbie Millman, who has been independently broadcasting it for 15 years. After making it to 100 episodes, this podcast started being published by Design Observer, a website dedicated to a whole list of design themes.

Once again, this isn’t an exclusive podcast for designers. Debbie Millman’s guests are part of the worldwide creative culture, and they can be writers, artists, designers, musicians, authors and basically anything that adds a contemporary touch to each episode. Each one transmits a personal and deep conversation about each one of these guests. Debbie herself states that this podcast is about “how incredibly creative people design the arc of their lives”.

Release date: 2005

Country: United States

Frequency: around 30 episodes per year

Nº of episodes until now: around 300

Final score from our designer Flávio: 4/5


3. After the Jump



If you’re looking forward to power your creative vein then this is the right podcast for you. Created by the author of the blog Design*Sponge, Grace Bonney, who’ve carried her passion for design from the web to the radio. This is a production focused in the independent artists world, whether they are designers, whether they are any other kind of artists of the creative community. On a weekly interview, Grace explores the daily life of each guest and the challenges they face in their jobs.

After the Jump ended on september 23rd 2014 with the 100th episode, however, on 2018, the author announced she would be coming back with her new podcast Good Company.


Release date: 18th june of 2012

Country: United States

Frequency: every wednesday

Nº of episodes until now: 101

Final score from our designer Flávio: 4/5


4. Art Cafe



It could be a table full of friends talking next to you, but it’s a podcast. According to Maciej Kuciara’s words, the founder of Art Cafe, this podcast is actually an open table, where anyone can step in and ask questions or make suggestions, to which Maciej and his guests will try to answer.

The themes approached on this podcast are focused in the entertainment industry, since Maciej Kuciara works in this industry. The artist and illustrator works on video game projects — like The Last of Us —, and also movies — like Captain America: Civil War. In turn, his guests are also artists and friends of this industry, which turns the podcast into a casual sharing of experiences and knowledge.


Release date: 2017

Country: United States

Frequency: irregular

Nº of episodes until now: 124

Final score from our designer Flávio: 4/5


5. Draftsmen Podcast



When you join two old friends, both art professors, the Draftsmen Podcast rises. Stan Prokopenko and Marshall Vandruff gathered to give advice to their listeners on how it is to have a career in the world of art, in particular about drawing and painting. Besides giving advice, they share all the ups and downs of their lives as art professors, talk about trendy art-related themes and clear up creative’s doubts about how they can improve their work.

As an example, we have episodes where the two professors debate how to study anatomy and perspective on a drawing, and how to have a successful career while being a dad. The previous season of the podcast ended on 2019, but nothing tells us there won’t be other seasons.


Release date: 28th may of 2019

Country: Russia

Frequency: weekly

Nº of episodes until now: 30

Final score from our designer Flávio: 5/5




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